Success Regained… Yes Charisma is back!

We lost once… We regained now…
We are back to the Lord’s e-ministry once again..

I am doing something now, which I never thought… Yes… I was once ashamed of telling this gospel. But the living God chosen this unworthy vessel to do his work… With the heart full of thanksgiving, I am remembering the covenant that the Lord made with me in the  same day, I born again… SO the joy is double-forth for me today.

Also we know our responsibility of redoing a sort of all around hundred posts which was our nine years contribution need to be re posted in our new hosting server, do I need to tell you, those datas lost in the crucial US server crash which happened last year. But nothing can demolishes our zeal for Christ. Only by the unchangeable grace of Lord made our website live back again… We will come very frequently with our regular postings in the days to come.

Kindly pray for me and the charismaeministry team
with peace and prayers
Udhay – Editor

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