1. Light Eradicates


Dear teens and twenties (thirties, forties, fifties… or even nineties too!),

You are the Light of this World…this was one of the loftiest titles that Jesus gave to his disciples. And to whom did he say that? … a group of people that had left their lucrative professions (fishing, farming, tax collection etc.) to follow him.

In other words, Jesus’s first list of disciples did not consist only of people who were poor, starving, suffering but those who also were financially well off. Jesus is just not the God of poor, he is the God of rich too!

Jesus did not discriminate between poor and a rich. For him all are equal!
He wants all – be it poor or rich – to follow him, follow his ways so as to achieve the best in both the worlds -world present and the world to come….!

Jesus wants us to shed light to this world. We all know what a light is? A light is something which removes darkness. A candle, a torch, a tungsten bulb, halogen lamp are some of the light emitting sources that we come across easily.

Like today, even in the days of Jesus light played a key role in the people’s life. People then did not enjoy the privilege of electricity that we have today. Sunlight was the only major source of light to them. In the absence of all the modern electrical fittings, dusk meant darkness to them! They will have to shut and remain at homes as no work will be possible during nights….and Thomas Alva Edison, the inventor of first Electric bulb was to be born only many centuries later!

It was in this background that Jesus used the allegory of light to explain the role that his disciples were expected to play in the world.  Possessing a light for ourselves or in other words knowing the Living Light Jesus is one experience, but being a light or shedding the living light to someone is totally another experience.

This article is aimed to stir our thinking, align our thoughts,
and mend our minds to actually live out the statement of Jesus… You are the light of the world…

In the first place, Jesus associates Light with Good works.  Without displaying good works, we cannot be considered as children of light (vs.16). Jesus’ point of view with regard to light was very plain. We should be as light so that others (1) will see our good works (2) and glorify God.

To understand the perspective, we should base our premise on the natural phenomenon of Light so as to tie it up with its greater spiritual significance. Some of the quintessential characteristics of Light are…

1) Light Eradicates

The primary and principle function of light is remove darkness. Where there is light there cannot be darkness. Light and darkness can never co-exist. We can be the light that delivers people from darkness.

to give light to those who sit in darkness and in the shadow of death,
and to guide us to the path of peace.” – Luke 1:79″

As children of light, we can deliver people from devil’s bondage. Every day, millions and millions are dying trapped in deadly addictions, diabolic witch-craft activities, distressing promiscuity.  Their pursuit of peace in the form of pleasure is leading them, slowly but surely towards the gates of hell-fire!  As the possessors of living light, how are we helping them? Do we reach out to them, do we express words of counsel or at-least guide them to meet higher-ups, experts, spiritual leaders.

Light also helps in prevention of sins. In the natural sense, many nefarious activities troubling the law-enforcers are taking place only in the dark hide-outs of the city, pushing the policemen to ensure illumination of almost all nooks and corners of the city so as to dissuade criminals from striking in the dark. Similarly, the light of Jesus that we illuminate in the life of people can prevent them from sinning, protect them from bad habits, preserve them from the damnation.

What is the second quality of light can do? see the next post.

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