4. Light Endorses

4) Light Endorses  

to tell about the light so that everyone might believe because of his testimony. – John 1:7

‘Actions speak louder than words’ says a proverb.  It just not our preaching, our life should endorse the truth that we proclaim.   A Christian life is in living, not in preaching. The believers and the beholders should see the life of Christ embedded in your life, in your testimony. Your personal testimony, the way we live, is very important.  Your lifestyle, your behaviour, your attitude must be controlled and directed by the Biblical principles and reflect the life and light of Christ. We can see the world only with our two eyes, but we must be mindful of the fact that multitudes of eyes are watching, every step, every action of ours.  Every other action, every other gesture of ours must facilitate others to follow us and follow the foot-steps of our Lord.

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