5. Light Evolves

5) Light Evolves

Isaiah 8:20 – To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, [it is] because [there is] no light in them.

Light helps in vegetation.  Plants will die if they always remain in dark.  They need sunlight to sprout, to grow, to bring flowers, to bring fruit.   Similarly, the prayers that we do, the counsel that we provide, the words of encouragement that we utter can touch the lives of others like the ray of sunlight on a sagging plant. That touch can bring them closer to Christ, the real life giver. You just sow the seeds, when it is season, one day that will bring forth returns, one thirty, one sixty and one hundred fold.

In closing, let me take a leaf out of the most consecrated and celebrated Old Testament way of worshipping God.  The Holy Place inside the Tabernacle consists, among other things, a Candle-stand or  a Lamp .  The Lamp is the only source of light in the Holy Place as it is full covered on all sides, preventing any kind of natural light. For the lamp to glow continually, it needs supply of oil.  Likewise, for us to shine, for us to keep glowing, for us to radiate light, we should always be filled with oil.  The Oil speaks about the revelations, light, guidance provided by the indwelling presence of God – The Holy spirit.  The world can offer many a different sources of light, but in the matters concerning God, they are not to be allowed.  We need to rely and sustain the light by drawing our supplies from the Word of God and the Guidance of Holy Spirit!

Be the Light…to all humankind….irrespective of  their religion, their race, their creed, their community, their status…!

Let your light shine before people  as you are a city on a hill !

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